Raised amongst the leeks ………………………………….


Biemans Plantenkwekerij BV is a family business that is based in Gemert in the Dutch province of Brabant. The business has been specialising in the growing of leek varieties for more than 35 years. Brothers, Walter and Richard, therefore learned how to cultivate these plants from an early age. Their business has since expanded to become an international supplier of greenhouse plants and bare-root plants. The business also cultivates plants in Spain for the market in early plants. Because of this versatility, the business is able to provide customers with a complete cultivation plan. It goes without saying that quality, uniformity and freshness go above all. With a high harvesting capacity and its own transport facilities at its disposal, the business is able to deliver products to its customers with speed and flexibility. The propagation of plants is overseen by Naktuinbouw, the organisation charged with carrying out inspections in the horticultural industry. Our plants are sold to cultivators at home and abroad.




Biemans Plantenkwekerij BV  |   Deel 70  |  5421 RV Gemert  |  tel: 0031 (0)492-361096  |  e-mail: info@biemansplant.nl